Smart Forests Initiative

Smart Forests will provide an integrated technological platform to monitor and respond to environmental change at the local to continental scales.  
Northeast Regional Collaborators

We are still identifying and inviting potential collaborators. The links below offer more detailed information on research sites that have been invited to participate in this effort.

Hubbard Brook   [website]   [realtime data]
Lake Sunapee   [website]    [realtime buoy]    [realtime weather] Huntington Forest   [website]   [realtime data] Blackrock Forest   [website]   Bartlett Experimental Forest   [website]   [realtime data] Sleepers River   [website]   Lamprey River   [website]   Harvard Forest   [website]   [realtime data] Plum Island   [website]   Bear Brook   [website]   USDA Forest Service Climate Tower Network   [realtime data] USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests & Ranges