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Scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century will be powered by tools that help researchers manipulate massive datasets, visualize that data, and offer new ways of understanding the scientific processes behind that information.  
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October 18-21, 2016
USFS scientists attend a bilateral meeting between the United States and China on Policy and Technology for Climate Change and Forests at the Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry in Pingxiang, China.

October 10-15, 2016
Artist Xavier Cortada and musician/composer Marty Quinn visit HJ Andrews EF, uniting HJ Andrews and Hubbard Brook EFs in art/music/science collaboration.

April 7, 2016
US Forest Service Experimental Forests Chosen for US-China Climate Initiative read more...

Feb 27, 2016
Silas Little Experimental Forest towers gather data on changing Pinelands read more...

February 2016
Ice Storm NSF Video: NSF Science Now

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Welcome to Smart Forests!

Science and sound resource management depend on accurate and timely environmental data. In Experimental Forests and Ranges (EFRs) throughout the United States, the USDA Forest Service is investing in digital environmental sensor and telecommunications capacity to create the Smart Forests Network, an integrated research and monitoring program for the nation’s air, water, and forest and rangeland resources.

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  Environmental Sensor Stories and Applications:  


Seasons Unfolding

Bartlett Experimental Forest
Phenology Monitoring at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest…


Birdsong Monitoring

Coweeta Hydrologic Lab
Automated birdsong monitoring at H.J. Andrews Exper. Forest…


Fish Observation

Coweeta Hydrologic Lab
Sagehen Creek fish monitoring at Sagehen Experimental Forest…


Carbon Uptake

Howland Forest
Understanding Carbon Sequestration in Howland Forest...


Rainforest Ecology

Silas Little
Extreme events in a tropical rainforest
Coming soon...