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Data Set ID: PEF_Wxsta_WS600_5min
Originator: Name:
Title: Penobscot Experimental Forest, ME, Weather Station Measurements from 02-Dec-2015 to 04-Nov-2018
Key Words:
Study Type: Monitoring
Study Period: 02-Dec-2015 to 04-Nov-2018
Bounding Box: West longitude:  unspecified
North latitude:  unspecified
East longitude:  unspecified
South latitude:  unspecified
Site References: Penobscot Experimental Forest, ME
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Data Table:  PEF_Wxsta_WS600_5min (Main data table, 308214 records)

Access:  Public

Metadata:  Text (ESA FLED)

Data Files:  Spreadsheet (CSV Text) [84924kb], GCE Data Toolbox File [8097kb]

Column List:

Column Name Units Type Description (show)
1 Site string Site code
2 Date serial day (base 1/1/0000) - EST floating-point Fractional MATLAB serial day (based on 1 = January 1, 0000)
3 Year YYYY integer Calendar year
4 YearDay day integer Numerical year day (day number within the current year)
5 Hours hours floating-point Time of day in fractional hours
7 Flag_RECORD none string QA/QC flags for RECORD (flagging criteria, where "x" is RECORD: )
8 Air_Temp Deg C floating-point Air_Temp
9 Flag_Air_Temp none string QA/QC flags for Air_Temp (flagging criteria, where "x" is Air_Temp: x<-40="Q",x>40="Q")
10 Rel_Humidity % floating-point Rel_Humidity
11 Flag_Rel_Humidity none string QA/QC flags for Rel_Humidity (flagging criteria, where "x" is Rel_Humidity: x<0="I", x>100="I")
12 Rel_Air_Pressure hPa floating-point Rel_Air_Pressure
13 Flag_Rel_Air_Pressure none string QA/QC flags for Rel_Air_Pressure (flagging criteria, where "x" is Rel_Air_Pressure: )
14 Avg_Wind_Speed m/s floating-point Avg_Wind_Speed
15 Flag_Avg_Wind_Speed none string QA/QC flags for Avg_Wind_Speed (flagging criteria, where "x" is Avg_Wind_Speed: x<0="I", x>100="I")
16 Max_Wind_Speed m/s floating-point Max_Wind_Speed
17 Flag_Max_Wind_Speed none string QA/QC flags for Max_Wind_Speed (flagging criteria, where "x" is Max_Wind_Speed: x<0="I", x>100="I")
18 Wind_Dir_Vector floating-point Wind_Dir_Vector
19 Flag_Wind_Dir_Vector none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Dir_Vector (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Dir_Vector: )
20 Wet_Bulb_Temp Deg C floating-point Wet_Bulb_Temp
21 Flag_Wet_Bulb_Temp none string QA/QC flags for Wet_Bulb_Temp (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wet_Bulb_Temp: x<-40="Q",x>40="Q")
22 Precip_Type integer Precip_Type
23 Flag_Precip_Type none string QA/QC flags for Precip_Type (flagging criteria, where "x" is Precip_Type: )
24 Precip_Intensity mm/hr floating-point Precip_Intensity
25 Flag_Precip_Intensity none string QA/QC flags for Precip_Intensity (flagging criteria, where "x" is Precip_Intensity: )
26 Dew_Point Deg C floating-point Dew_Point
27 Flag_Dew_Point none string QA/QC flags for Dew_Point (flagging criteria, where "x" is Dew_Point: x<-40="Q",x>40="Q")
28 Wind_Chill_Temp Deg C floating-point Wind_Chill_Temp
29 Flag_Wind_Chill_Temp none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Chill_Temp (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Chill_Temp: x<-40="Q",x>40="Q")
30 Precip_mm mm floating-point Precip_mm
31 Flag_Precip_mm none string QA/QC flags for Precip_mm (flagging criteria, where "x" is Precip_mm: x<0="I", x>30="Q")
32 Wind_Speed m/s floating-point Wind_Speed
33 Flag_Wind_Speed none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Speed (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Speed: x<0="I", x>100="I")
34 Min_Wind_Speed m/s floating-point Min_Wind_Speed
35 Flag_Min_Wind_Speed none string QA/QC flags for Min_Wind_Speed (flagging criteria, where "x" is Min_Wind_Speed: x<0="I", x>100="I")
36 Wind_Speed_Vector floating-point Wind_Speed_Vector
37 Flag_Wind_Speed_Vector none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Speed_Vector (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Speed_Vector: )
38 Wind_Quality % floating-point Wind_Quality
39 Flag_Wind_Quality none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Quality (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Quality: x<0="I", x>100="I")
40 Wind_Dir degrees floating-point Wind_Dir
41 Flag_Wind_Dir none string QA/QC flags for Wind_Dir (flagging criteria, where "x" is Wind_Dir: x<0="I", x>365="I")
42 Min_Wind_Dir degrees floating-point Min_Wind_Dir
43 Flag_Min_Wind_Dir none string QA/QC flags for Min_Wind_Dir (flagging criteria, where "x" is Min_Wind_Dir: x<0="I", x>365="I")
44 Max_Wind_Dir degrees floating-point Max_Wind_Dir
45 Flag_Max_Wind_Dir none string QA/QC flags for Max_Wind_Dir (flagging criteria, where "x" is Max_Wind_Dir: x<0="I", x>365="I")
46 Specific_Enthalpy kJ/kg floating-point Specific_Enthalpy
47 Flag_Specific_Enthalpy none string QA/QC flags for Specific_Enthalpy (flagging criteria, where "x" is Specific_Enthalpy: )
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